General Information

Hours of business

Our offices are open from 8.45 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.


There are steps leading into our building. If access is likely to be a problem, please let us know, as home visits can be arranged.


Metered parking is available on Regent Street. Additional parking spaces are located in the upper levels of the Regent Arcade opposite and the nearby Rodney Road car park.

Terms & conditions  

We provide you with written details of our terms and conditions at the outset of each new instruction and further copies are always available upon request.


We provide information about the structure of our charges at the commencement of each matter. We are happy to discuss these and give estimates where possible.

Progress report  

It is our practice to maintain regular contact and keep you informed of progress.


There are several ways in which matters may be funded, depending on circumstances and on the type of case. Please ask for advice.

Storage of documents  

We can provide storage facilities in 
our strong room for deeds, wills and other securities.


Please click here to download our diversity data published on 28 September 2015.